The goal of building a work environment better days for both physical and mental; enabling all members of Landcom develop the potential and unique qualities of their own. Landcom continually improve and enhance the working environment through specific actions:

Corporate cultural platform

   Bringing together people who share the same faith, toward a vision, with streamlined human resources, the expectations put forward strong Landcom become a business investment and construction, service provision on estate Vietnam oil product brand, with dominant position on the international market

Building a cultural environment, where - every employee indoctrination:

- To create superior products, unique in the market fierce competition is a huge challenge  will require the individual incessantly
striving, continuous innovation and improvement efforts every hour, every day.

- Landcom will assert strong values ​​when completing the mission "to enhance the value of life for the community, sustainability and increase wealth for themselves and for society."

   Staff working with core values: capture objectives - efficiency - professionalism - humanities - solidarity - creation and application of correct principles of conduct in all aspects of work with the aim of bringing customers with products and good service, reputation and commitment to quality.

   Build Customer loyalty services with the motto "We always try harder". Each member of Landcom are responsible for customer satisfaction to the maximum.

   Any member of Landcom need to understand that: always conscious highest responsible for general affairs, ignoring personal interests, dare to take responsibility, not blame, self-assertion on the job itself, raise their own value, promotion at work, increase income. Because every instance of Landcom are understood, the success and growth of the Company will bring prosperity, wealth, prestige and wellbeing for the whole community.

Rules of Conduct

   Each business has unique culture. At Landcom, Leaders have the responsibility to care for employees. Each employee has a responsibility to care for our customers through products and services offered through to customers, with professional mental consistency.

   Everyone must behave in accordance with general principles of behavior. Everyone has his freedom, but in a spirit of respect for the provisions of the company.

   Behavior in accordance with common standards will preserve the core value of Landcom: capture objectives - efficiency - pro - humanity - unity - will be the nasal drive innovation, helping development teams firmly Landcom growth

Product Positioning

Once embarked on the construction of Landcom, We have been relentless efforts to build a Landcom are trademarks of the commitment to quality products, diversification of services that can best meet and capture timely market demand as well as customers.

Positioning products in middle and higher segments, we are always trying to catch up with development trends and practices of society, anticipate the changing needs of the market and customer tastes to design and create so the products are of good quality projects under flags Landcom market launch.

The list of products under the brands of the future will increasingly Landcom be varied from as apartment houses, urban areas, resorts, shopping centers, sports centers .... prestige good quality and reasonable price to meet the needs effort-quality practical life of the general community.


We are always oriented platform marketing strategy and implementation - suitable for media products - services through principles - compliance with the brand standards are designed to ensure operational orientation for further implementation marketing, communications connections, promote efficiency, protect and enhance the brand image in the market Landcom.

The communication plan will always be focused planning, research and systematic implementation to ensure that customers are provided adequate information, accurate and timely.

Customer service

With thinking (we always try harder) is grounded in the awareness of every employee of Landcom:
- Dedicated customer service by making the product suitable - optimal quality - reasonable prices.
- Implement true commitment to progress the handover.
- For the purposes of bringing fulfillment to customers
- Gain the trust from customers in particular, the general public
- Becoming a strong enterprise, constantly evolving, with the peak position
- Are there any practical contributions to the overall development of the community and bring practical value to society.

After Sales

Always serve Customer enthusiasm, relentless efforts to build the customer care program with multiple benefits rich and diversified.

Besides, we will combine with our partners to provide a variety of helpful services, effective financial solutions such as design consultants, law, banking ... to customers.

The building management when in operation it should be noted in particular. Operating building is difficult, complex, labor-intensive should require each employee must always very patient and soft to meet customer satisfaction, maintaining corporate brand image.

We are trying to further improve service quality, bringing a quick service, convenience for customer to the product - services Landcom really because (Commonwealth)

We as investors & developers, giving solutions to minimize the environmental impact Landcom always focused, interested in investment policy decisions, development-oriented real estate as well as service providers.

I0n all projects under the investment, development and construction of Landcom, we have been increasing efforts to monitor and handle the impact of the building work, to create a sustainable green building solutions through the effective use of environmental resources such as energy, water, wind, noise reduction ...

Research focuses on innovative solutions and adoption of measures to renovate and innovate have a positive impact -> with the goal of reducing environmental pollution in the project phase.