Established since day ..... (formerly known as ....), JSC Investment and Construction Landcom operates mainly in the field of investment, construction and services related to estate movables.

Creativity, dynamism and enthusiasm are things that we can be proud of myself. And wings stemmed from a desire. Given strength and support from a desire to make the dream a reality. That is where the start of each of us. Our Landcom was taking such steps and form.

The development objective of Landcom bring international visibility. We are willing to shake hands with all partners for mutual prosperity and the future of generations of descendants.

Vision: To become an investment business and a leading construction services sector - supply of real estate market in Vietnam, bringing groundbreaking aspirations, peak position, and took proactive measures catch the market trend, with the objective of sustainable development brings happiness, vitality, peace, prosperity, contribute to the general community.

Mission: We invest, build, and grow from the ground senseless is creating green buildings, bright living spaces create the bold colors of unique art, personality, harmony between strokes traditional and modern looks with smart utilities contribute to improving community life values, sustainability and increase wealth for themselves and for society.

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