With long-term development goals of Landcom, we always focus on and implement the system of human training to help employees hone the qualities and skills necessary to complete the work goals, enhance the grasp catch and steady for international integration.

The training program aims to maximize the potential and career orientation, to suit each individual.

Impartiality, transparency and professionalism in the training development team will create cohesion, consolidation and integration of capacity development, the ability to adapt in dynamic international environment for all Landcom.

To become a workplace Landcom good and ideal for workers is one of the primary goals that Leaders towards and will further efforts to consolidate and develop.

To Landcom become a place not only to work, but also become a common home, a second family with the entire staff. Where all Landcom to shoulder, with solidarity, sharing and enjoying the same success.

So, we try to focus on building a working environment for all individuals with conditions and the best opportunities and promote, learn, contribute to the development of Landcom and everyone. From leadership to all staff together hand-building efforts to Landcom become one of the working environment in Vietnam.

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